Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Review Part 2

On a single charge this time, I used the Garmin’s music storage function to see how much battery consumption is added the usage.

Garmin offers iTune, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Deezer of three options. I am Apple fanatic and been iTunes user since 2000 off course I used the iTunes. Downloading the music is simple with Garmin Express and requires to use your desktop computer. If you have already a playlist in your iTune app you will able to choose those playlist from Garmin Express directly and download to your watch. Pretty simple function and easily see how much storage is available in chart.

For the bluetooth headphone, I have been using AfterShokz Trek Air close to year and been a great products. Just recently in July 2019 AfterShokz announced the new IP67 rated Aeropex. Trek Air is consider sweatproof style yet I have splash more than few times in my SUP training and have never had an issues. But if you are in market for new one and/or replacing one here is your two choices you can pair with your Garmin. One of the great thing about this headphone is that it is open ear style using bone conduction style. Pretty cool technologies and allow to hear your surrounding. Here is compatible list Garmin suggest.

Let’s go back to the battery consumption information. Most of my training is from 60min to 120min in various duration. I can say that consistently I used 10%-12% during the up to 120min training. This is also using my Garmin HR Dual chest straps. If you are going to use wrist sensor consumption might different so please be aware of that. I didn’t personally test the wrist sensor combination because I never seems to satisfy with HR reading. HR Strap uses ANT+ and headphone uses bluetooth protocol.

With two wireless devices connected to Garmin Fenix 5x Plus during the training it never gave me an issues on HR reading nor the music interruption. While you are in the activity zone you can simply access by holding the “Back” button (left bottom button). You can pause, play ,forward band back. AfterShokz doesn’t allow back function so it comes in handy to control from your wrist.

For those maybe interested Garmin do offer remote function for your phone. I use iPhone and while my Trek Air is connected to the phone I can change the song etc from wrist as well.

Depending on your needs and preference Garmin can do it for you. !