Quick Blade U-V82 Hex Flex Review

It’s been few years QuickBlade has released a new paddle for the SUP. Early this year in March QuickBlade announced the release of U-V88 blade just in time for Carolina Cup.

I think everyone went crazy getting order the new U-V88 but I personally hesitate it because of my previous V-Drive 91 blade. Consider blade size 91 vs 88 you would expect easier on your body but shape on dihedral was just as strong or more than 91 blade. This is purely my personal opinion but also heard from others as well.

I was lucky to find out one our Paddle Monster coach Travis Grant at Carolina Cup brought his U-V88 and also his racing paddle U-V82. He whispered to me that I have Jim made 82 blade size because it was too much for him. He told me QuickBlade will release 82 blade but he wasn’t sure when. Our height and body weight is about the same so shaft length was perfect to test his U-V82. Travis let me take out both of his paddle out for awhile. Only thing he said is “This is my racing paddle so guard with your life. When you finish it just drop off at the house”

Just like you would test V-Drive 91 and 81, there were noticeable difference with U-V88 and 82. The time I tested I felt the difference but distance I paddle was not long enough to say if I wan to order when U-V82 will be available. I knew then U-V82 was the size while rest of paddlers in all body types was buying the U-V88.

Until around mid July U-V82 didn’t come out for sales and it was still limited availability at that point. I was waiting for my new board to come in so I posted close to end up September. After few month I just had urge to get new paddle so I did.

Two factor to make last decision was Full Carbon or Hex Flex. I always order mine directly from QuickBlade and Hugo is always my go to guy. Hugo always take cares me with everything so I can’t thank him enough!

After talking to him he kinda convinced me to go with Hex Flex and I was not disappointed at all once I got it. Tips does have slight flex that makes catch slightly smooth but feels entire stroke powerful and have snappy feel.

Transition from V-Drive 81 to U-V82 was non existence. Matter fact I felt much lively with U-V82 specially with new shaft just feel totally different in a good way. With that lively feel I have better speed with it so nothing to complain about.

Texture of the shaft also have a great grip without being too much. I have been using RSPro Hex Grip in the past but I opted on this shaft.

I just finished the Chattajack with new paddle and felt awesome. Hope this will help you but if you need more help just let me know.

Hex Flex has quite transplant finish
Compare this to V-Drive shape
Plenty of grip area. Shaft length is 71.5
I have RSPro Edge guard around the blade
Detail shot of between the Carbon and Fiber
Detail shot of grip expected on this new shaft