Real Deal 3- Sometimes it just happens for a reason

Last week it was a SUPER STOKED week with Infinity and Allison Race Fin Ambassador opportunity.   This Monday I have new announcements to make.  Over the weekend I  reached out to RSPro for simply appraising  on their products.

RSPro Ambassador is offered and accepted!

I received email this morning from CO-founder /Manager for RSPRO-  “Thanks for reaching and thanks for sharing your passion for the sport. Love your commitment. Let me have a chat with our US Distributors and will come back to you.”

Just passed 5pm today  I received email  from US Distributors(NSI)-  “We are NSI Inc. the distributors for RSPro in the US and Canada. Thank you for reaching out and inquiring about the ambassador program. What we offer is some RSPro and NSI Product in exchange is promotion of both brands at events and  through your followers on social media. We like our ambassadors to promote throughout the season as opposed to a single post. Looking over your website and accomplishments I think it would be a good fit. ”

So If you don’t know who is RSPro then visit their website.  I bet you probably have seen on Facebook , Instagram , from local shop or online stores.  I been using their newest products HEXA grip and has been great.   I know we all have  our own way of dealing with paddle grip from  Tennis  grip,  medical taping to surftech grip spray.

I used to use HEAD tennis grip and served well.  Particular  grip model I used did not stink after getting sweaty or wet  but always took a  time to dry out.  It also add some weight and thickness to it.  RSPro HEXA grip is very think application with  sandpaper kinda grip.  First I felt funny but once I got used to it’s great.  Water doesn’t stick long and dries out.  I remember I dip  at OABI race and it was wet  but in no time it was all gone.