Time for the “Read Deal”

Finally the Winter Training Phase arrived with Paddle Monster.  Two weeks of active rest definitely short-lived but I was able to ride 4 times on my beloved mountain bike.  It’s good way to refresh your minds and give a hard-working muscle a rest.

Nov 13th, 2017 marks the starting of Phase 1 winter training.  Relatively easy transition for veteran Paddle Monster family.   I remember going into last year’s winter training  Coach Larry Cain stated how important this phase of training would for be.   He was dead on about that and I have race results to prove that.

Last year I told Coach Larry Cain that I wanted to close my deficit of 90sec to 2min during the winter training.  Did I reach that goal? I say I reach  95% of that goal. Every race is different but I definitely made more podium this year then last year.   Not to mentioned  I move from overall 4th place to 2nd place in Southern Stoke Point Series.  It was not easy one but I definitely earn the podium racing hard with my buddies.   Next one would be OABI race in Detroit, MI in August. Between the 2016 and 2017 I short my time by 7min and missed the  3rd place podium by 3sec to buddy Karl. E from WI.

I hope everyone has individual goal for 2018 Season.  “Write it down and Stick it on the wall”!!

You probably saying what is your goal?

  • Sub 10min on 1mile Time Trial with non other than WHIPLASH (12.6×24)
  • Able to put more  higher sustain speed at higher L3/low L4 HR zone
It’s all about  train hard and do your best. 

“When you learn to lose,  You’ll know what it takes to win,  Wanna go the distance,  With a hunger that never ends
When you want to prove,  You’re the best that’s ever been,  They can knock you down,   You’re on your feet again
‘Cause you know what it takes,   What it takes to win”   …………”What it Takes to Win by Journey