Winter Training

Depending on where you reside sometime it can be difficult to train on the water.  Most of my winter training is consist of strengthening session , land cardio and  2-3 times a week on water.  Unfortunately since the beginning of 2018 weather  has been brutal condition from 5F to frozen lake.  It took 3 weeks in the month January to pass the cold weather.  Hoping to have  weather staying above  32F for the  remaining of the winter season.    

Wherever you are winter training is vital components for your race preparation.  Most paddlers is gearing up for Carolina Cup and while there is a few race prior to the event nothing slow us down during the winter.  Last winter was my first winter training block for Paddle Monster program was quite amazing. Results is there if you are diligent enough to commit to the program.   I often say “I live and die for training” which is quite true if you committed for the results and prove yourself you are better than last year or last race.

It’s all about passion for your sports.  By nature I’m always been a competitive person when it becomes to sports.  I enjoy hard training and it’s rewarding for me.  Some may find it’s boring or less social but everyone is different.   At the end of your day, it’s your life and if you accomplished your goal for that day then off to the next day.

Stay positive, committed, and chin up!