2018 Carolina Cup Post-Race Review

Life is always too busy to catch up on blog but finally time to post one.

  • What is the change between 2017 and 2018 for me?

For one I changed from Grave Yard to Money Island.   I still want attack Grave Yard  once again but I realize I need more training on an open water and/or condition similar to that more often.   Decision to go Money Island was more desirable condition that I train the most.  I remember in 2017  coming from Mason’s Inlet  how good I was paddling and passing people so it that was a wake up call for the decision.  By no mean Money Island isn’t  easy course since  its partially same course as Grave Yard with tied and wind condition is still the same.

  • How did you train differently from 2017  coming 2018?

I think most of my SUP friend nows that I’m the one of many  veteran member in Paddle Monster program under Larry Cain arm.  After  1-1/2years in the program I start to see the changes in overall performance and my dear friend John Beausang  has said the same thing at Carolina CUP this year.  We both agreed  that around late summer of 2017 we start to see the changes and  we believed that  cycle in the program has great effect on us.   For me nothing has really changed except that you diligently work on interval session , strengthening  session.  I started in Novice program when I started in 2016 and by end of that year I switch to  an Intermediate program for winter program.   Throughout the 2017 till  I hit the winter program I continued as an  Intermediate program  and changed to an Advanced program  after Chattajack.  As you step up the program you increase your volume of the SUP training and strengthening  session.  Quite frankly I didn’t do anything special but never missed two or three days during the winter program.   Winter training is your best place to gain your progress  so my best suggestion is to train hard in the winter  season if you want that podium stand  or  hit your personal goals.

  •  How was the 2018 Money Island course?

Just like any course it’s never the same twice.  Specially  when you are working with  incoming tied and outgoing tied things changes constantly and wind shift is also out of the world.   We started against the tied and the wind.  It was a choppy start but relatively better than I thought for what it was.  There were two starting line riders was taking which I discovered at post race chat.   May of surfski and few SUP riders was on the far right.  Many of riders took the right side said  that current took other side passing first bridge was much faster.   Till going across the other side of the harbor  it was bump and grind.  As soon as we turn into the Palm island you feel the tied pushing you with quick down winding under the bridge. Little washing machine but you were moving under bridge fast.  Long stretch  suppose to relieve from against the current  but I didn’t feel that all with wind shifting and few boat wakes.    Once we make the  last corner toward south inlet  that is when you felt the tide and wind coming in angle. Wind was even got stronger till you have to cut cross back for the final stretch to finish.   Surprisingly I was able to read the water little better  this year and pass riders going towards the south inlet and ride few down winding.   When I was coming around to cross it I saw few top riders in Grave Yard merging with us.  It’s was quite view to enjoy for little bit.

  • How did you place it in 2018 Money Island?

I came in 3rd place.   So here is our 12.6 class official timing.  I’m pretty happy with the results this year and able to put some on podium.  When you train hard and see the results it’s a great feeling and hope to get  one more podium in 2019 Carolina Cup under 18-49 class.

   KEVIN HAIGIS           1:11:20  (18-49)

  JASON PHIPPS         1:16:38   (18-49)

  JUNE MIZOGUCHI    1:18:04   (18-49)

  KARL EUGSTER        1:18:43   (50+)

  • Any advice for Carolina CUP 2019?

Probably best suggestion I can give you for those are little more competitive in SUP racing to start  with your structured  training.  It’s pretty obvious that I would highly recommend Paddle Monster program and be under many of great coaches you can choose from.  There is nothing wrong  social paddling and those beautiful sunrise/sunset views either.  I missed  those social paddling so this year I have downsized the race  and be more picky with the race that I really want focus on.     It also allows me prevent burn out like last year by 2nd week of August.  Little as 4month period I raced 8 races so it was busy 4month.

If you really want to push yourself  get yourself Heart Rate Monitor like Garmin and/or SpeedCoach so you can effectively train.  I been training with HR monitor since 2001 so by nature I’m so  used to train with it  and be aware of my health.    During the race it is very vital to see you the stats so you can effectively change the gear and make the adjustment so you don’t over stress your body.

Harbor Island is a short course (3miles) but still and tough race for someone not training much  so be aware that  Carolina CUP isn’t easy ride.

  • Here is some of quick highlight photos  from the  2018 Carolina CUP.