Fin or Fins Series


Recently I had to chance to exchange the fin with my friend Matt. He need it set of Larry Allison 4 fins so as an exchange he mail his Black Project fin.

I’m always about try something new before I would make any conclusion to wether I like it or not. For those of you don’t know me I am Ambassador for Larry Allison and been riding his fin from single to multiple fin since 2015.

Mind you that this series is not about bashing the brand each other but properly explain that everything matters. When I say everything matter meaning it covers from fin box location , volume of the board , riders weight, paddle technique and boards in general. I always like to say 90% rider and 10% gear.

About “90% rider and 10% gear”. If I ask you a question do you want to be more efficient or work little harder , what would be your answer?. I think we all know the answer to that. In that 90% you have olympic level athlete from any ages , simply young teen or in his/her 20’s able push through, well trained rest of hardcore paddler or I’m just average Joe try to keep up. So when you have take that 10% in factor do your diligent to test the right equipment.

I will have a raw data using NK Speedcoach with all the test. Test are done in same direction both ways to collect fair data for all the fin test in this series. So basic criteria is follow for the base line test.

  • Initial board side to side effect
  • 1min/1min rest both direction
  • Keeping stroke rate at 51-53SPM average
  • Level 3 HR zone.
  • 3-4min rest and changing the fin and quick logging the memo
  • Two fin box location for in-depth testing. All fin test will be place in the middle of the fin boxes.
  • Condition for base line is to be medium bump with some wind

Per said above in criteria my current board 2020 Infinity Blackfish Dugout which 2 fin box which allows more cross testing. *disregard the twin fin in the photo. I do ride 4 fin (4Drive fin system) and in the future blog of this series you can read about it .

What make this test different from any other test is that I can offer you interesting results to all the fin using two different fin box location. You don’t get to see these kinda test on daily basis. You will be surprised the year to year every big brand name places the fix box in a mysterious way. This upcoming series of blogs may think you twice about everything.

Always remember that this test is to give you the base line knowledge. I highly encourage you to test yourself in depth rather taking words to mouth. Word to mouth is most part just a marketing so end result is up to you. That also includes choosing your boards and paddle.

I have to say it is little easier to get on the bike then trying to figure out your paddle technique , paddle length width of the board, weight ratio to volume of the board and finally the fin that works well for you and your board. And let’s not forget those unforgiven conditions and winds. Good luck to finding the sweet spot.

After all the base line test is done there will be a follow up sprint test based on which fin boxes will be suited for the sprint. Criteria is 200m and/or 500m on flat condition day.

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