Fin or Fins Series #1

Welcome to the series #1 of Fin test

In this series you will find 3 fins back to back test. Criteria of the test procedure is following.

  • Initial board side to side effect 
  • 1min/1min rest both direction
  • Keeping stroke rate at 51-53SPM average 
  • Level 3 HR zone.
  • 3-4min rest and changing the fin and quick logging the memo
  • Two fin box location for in-depth testing. All fin test will be place in the middle of the fin boxes.
  • Condition for base line is to be medium bump with some wind 
  • Board: 2020 Infinity Blackfish Dugout 14×24 (297L) -Custom shape board
  • Paddle: Quick Blade U-V82 (71.5″ length)
  • Rider: 175lbs, 5′-7″

I will try to make simple as possible but also enough data for those may want to understand in depth.

Fin selection

L-Dolphin Mini, C-Black Project Tiger V2, R-=Stinger Kicker

For the test fin we are using following:

  • Black Project Tiger V2
  • Larry Allison Dolphin Mini
  • Larry Allison Stinger Kicker

In order to facilitate this test as close as we can I chosen a similar surface area fin. This was to minimize the deviation and fairness of the test.

TigerDolphin Mini Stinger Kicker
Depth (cm/in)20 / 7.8715.9 / 6.2516.5 /6 .5
Area (cm3 / in²)216 / 33.5187 / 29206 / 32
Cord (cm / in)14 / 5.517.8 / 720.3 / 8
Fin Base (cm / in)16.5 / 6.514.6 / 5.757 / 7.8
Leading Curve61 / 29.5 / 3.7513 / 3.5
Leading Edge (degrees)35°40°45°

Fin is more complicated than you think if you spend time and understand how fin works. Fin can actually works on your favor or against your favor in many ways. Visual appetite can be deceiving and you will be surprise how it performance differently.

Fin test results

In this blog we are not going to discuss about how fin are designed and foiled. We cover that in later in this series.

Fin position of each Front and rear fin box. Dead center position for proper testing

With no further due here is a Speedcoach results of each Fin follow by this order.

  • Black Project Tiger -Front fin box and Rear fin box
  • Dolphin Mini -Front fin box and Rear fin box
  • Stinger Kicker -Front fin box and Rear fin box

Black Project Tiger V2

Tiger V2 Front fin box test
Tiger V2 Rear fin box test

Dolphin Mini

Dolphin Mini Front fin box test
Dolphin Mini Rear fin box test

Stinger Kicker

Stinger Kicker Front fin box test
Stinger Kicker Rear fin box test

Above is all you need to know the base line of fin test results. I know you are still thinking are you sure you duplicate the Black Project data? I did not and let me share you the time stamped version for you. I’m was surprised about the data after view the results on speed coach.

Tiger V2 Front fin box test -date/time 5/15/20 4:16PM
Tiger V2 Rear fin box test -date/time 5/15/20 4:05PM


I personally I didn’t had no expectation of results but I just want to make sure I paddle fair and square for the test. One of my great skill is ability to paddle consistently with the right averages of SPM . Having to paddle with consistently the same rhythm of stroke is easier said and done. Pretty happy with all the 8 runs with great average stroke rates.

Having a two fin boxes is very useful to see the effect of the fin performance. Depending on size and foil of the fin you can be under fin or over fin. Here is a chart of results

TigerDolphinStinger Kicker
Front Fin Box (U)0.083m/4.944mph0.085m/5.100mph0.084m/5.0338mph
Front Fin Box (D)0.096m/5.771mph0.097m/5.791mph0.099m/5.096mph
Rear Fin Box (U)0.083m/4.944mph0.085m/5.078mph0.088m/5.257mph
Rear Fin Box (D)0.096m/5.771mph0.101m/6.017mph0.101m/6.040mph
Distance and Average Speed Chart

Here is a chart result of my personal feel of the fin from one to others

TigerDolphinStinger Kicker
Stability Test (F)BetterGoodExcellent
Stability Test (R)WorseGoodExcellent
Upwind (F)Governor feel was less than rearUnder fin due to high volume of the boardBase of fin too wide and feeling the depth of the fin
Downwind (F)Felt smooth with limited top speed Top speed and speed increase compare to TigerBase of fin too wide and feeling the depth of the fin. Still felt much better than Tiger
Upwind (R)Governor feel was noticeableFelt smooth with good speed/glideBest upwind speed/glide compare other fins
Downwind (R)Felt smooth with limited top speed Felt equally  fast as front fin box.Felt good as Dolphin and top speed was much better and less de-accerlation 
(F)-Front Fin box, (R)-Rear Fin box

I was quite surprised to see that Black Project Tiger fin had restricted top speed. One of the reason keeping mid pace is to allow the proper time for board to glide. This results itself doesn’t mean that fin is not for you. I think putting these three fins on upcoming sprint test could be interesting results and something to talk about.

What I know is that Tiger fin is very upright fin and becoming more pivot fin with small cord length and much less of foil. Relatively small differences of spec and foil can change results in many ways.

Even placing Larry’s Dolphin and Stinger Kicker fin in either of the fin box can results of different feel and outcome. With this test I can say that Stinger Kicker is still taking home the win. Condition do matter and I think this test was not pure glassy condition yet most would consider flat condition.

If you are interested here is link the Stinger Kicker fin at Paddle surf warehouse . Also Larry Allison’s available products page from them.

So what’s next?

Upcoming test is Black Project Maliko V2 and Stealth Ninja as candidate but all TBA at this point.

So the meantime next series is extended version of this blog to bring more extra data.

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Here is a overlay of the fin to see differences