MACHINE… Run for the border

Uncharted territory

Was I ever loved to run when I was youth? No and still this day I wasn’t really into to running while my surrounding friends is a runner. I’m always been a cycling guy from previous journeys in early 2000 and still part of my passion to ride my mountain bike. It’s little dusty now days but during the off season I have always replaced my alternative cardio with the cycling.

Why change now?

I always tell to people changes are good so end of last year I convinced myself to step in to this running phenomenon. I admit and we all know running is the hardest cardio work out there. To be more specific industries says 30% harder than any sports you can get in to.

Not to mention my girlfriend Teresa was once hardcore runner for many years in her 20’s. With thing are changing in my lifestyle for both training on water and land base training I look over what is best way to approach to manage my health and fitness activity. For many of us pandemic has changed how we approached the strengthening and land cardio training at the gym. Between injuries and gym restriction I have let the gym visit to slide off me aneed even after the gym return to no restriction.

I haven managed to keep all my fitness level top notched and finished the year 2022 with much waited Chattajack buckles. As I entered the off season I had to re-group upcoming winter season and here I decided step on the treadmill for a change.

New challenge, new shoes

I start my commitment before the year end and ease into the running on the treadmill. I only had my CrossFit type shoes but I ran few times to get to know the running. I know treadmill isn’t the same as pavement but for now treadmill is where I will be spending the most.

I realized I had HOKA shoes at home while staying at my girlfriends so I ran while I was back in town. What a huge difference on your body and knees. I also need one at my girlfriends so I picked up HOKA Mach 5. This was even a better cushioning shoes to run with and looking forward to put my cardio in.

HOKA Mach 5

Running VS Paddling

Too early to tell but I do feel much better with my HR zone during the paddle training. Both are full body activity but running definitely work out your core more than you think. So far this year I have ran about 6 times during weekend. I do my paddling during the week for now until spring season comes around. I’m back to checking the HR zone to compare when I ran L2/3 session and see the speed I’m getting during the paddle training . Running definitely helps your fat around the waist but at the moment my body is feeling fatigue from jarring the body.

Keep it going

I never underestimated the power of running but I like the results I’m seeing. I don’t see myself ever doing any running outside but who knows. As long as my body is feeling okay, running will be my new tools to keep the cardio and benefit to my paddling.

Never too late for a change!.